Phosia Euphosia
by on June 18, 2020

It was a holiday and I had to take the train back home. It was around 18:00 and on holidays the trains stop running early. I was standing in the train station waiting for my train when I spotted two beautiful women.

Since I have a huge foot fetish, more often than not I try to sit nearby someone whose feet I can appreciate during the trip. So these two women were in their late twenties, wearing t-shirts, shorts and sandals. Their feet were very well taken cared off with nice red and black painted nails.

As we got on the train, I sat across their place. The railway coach was almost empty except from an old lady sitting at the complete opposite side of the coach. As we started moving I put my i-pod on and started to hear some good music.

So here I am, taking a quite ride on the train, hearing some good music and checking a pair of beautiful feet. What else could I have asked for? well, to be honest I could have had a good glass of wine but never mind.

After a few minutes I saw that the tall one (the one with black painted toes) raised a few times her foot towards the other woman's face making her to pull her head back. This keeps going for a few minutes, seeming like as if they were arguing about something.

I gather from god knows where some guts and decided to approach them.

"Hi" I said. "Could I ask what are you arguing about?"

"Well..." the tall one answered. "My friend here, Dana claims her feet are smellier than mine".

"It seems you are having some trouble deciding who's feet are smellier, would you like me to judge?" "Why not, take a sit said Maya. You seem to be a fair and honest guy who will certainly tell the truth".

I sat in front of her and she raised her foot towards my nose. Her feet was a piece of art, long toes, just as I like.

I graved her foot with both hands (nearly fainting); "now smell! she said". I slowly got my nose closer to her sole. To be honest, I didn't understand what was she talking about, her feet smelled heavenly. They were completely clean and smelling like roses.

I traded places sitting this time in front of Dana. Her feet were also gorgeous but her toes were a bit smaller than Maya's. She raised her foot placing her thumb in my lips. Dana started moving it up and down so as to open my mouth. "Take a sniff, she said". I took a deep breath (just to avoid having a hard attack by this time) and her feet really stunk, they were nasty.

"So?" Maya asked "what is your verdict?" "To be honest, I have to agree with Dana, her feet are smellier" I answered.

"No way! you are wrong" she stated unequivocally. "Why don't you smell both our sandals... just to be sure?"

"Well...OK I said" I took both sandals placing them above the small table standing between the sits. I took Maya's and smelled it, and then Dana's following the same routine.

"Well? Maya asked. Handling her the sandal I responded I still think Dana's are smellier.

Maya gave me a mean look, she was pissed off and not really smiling any more. Taking her sandal in her hand, she hit my cheek (lightly) a couple of times. "You've just cost me fifty bucks, idiot - now follow me to the coach's bathroom !!!

She entered the small bathroom and I followed her in. Just as I got in she slammed the door pushing me against it.

"Now you little prick, what should I do about the fact you made me loose some cash?"

"Turn around facing the door! little piece of shit. Take your pants off". I did as she commanded. She got closer to my hear and whispering she said: "I am changing trains in Tel Aviv, I have another hour and a half train raid up North. If you do as I say and be a good boy now, I might just let you worship Dana's feet and mine all the way North".

"Bend over".

I did as she said. I wasn't about to loose the chance to worship two pair of feet for an hour and a half. As I bent over, she fingered my finger...then another one...then a third. I could hardly breath at this point. After a couple of minutes she commanded to get on my knees and worship her asshole. She took off her shorts and panties robbing them against my face. I started licking her asshole as good as I could; it took about five minutes for her to have an orgasm coming all over my mouth.

She cleaned my face with her panties again and told me to keep them as a souvenir.

Suddenly, we heard the train was approaching Tel Aviv station. "Common, get dressed. You have done just well. Good dog!"

We went back to sit by Dana. I still couldn't believe what had just happened. Did she just said "good dog"?

"So....did he? Dana asked. "Did I what?" I asked looking at Maya. "Yes baby, the prick just worshiped my ass and I did fucked his. You owe me dear Dana, $100"

"Show me the panties" told me Dana. I took Maya's panties and showed them to Dana. "I guess she said you might get lucky to worship our feet didn't she?"

The train stopped at Tel Aviv.

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