Phosia Euphosia
by on June 18, 2020

Donna was up early as she slipped on a pair of cut off jeans and a gray shirt as she headed out the door. She was gonna go grab her shoes, but thought better of it as it was such a nice day and since she never wore shoes in the summer and she was in a hurry was only heading up the street to get some food. Donna always had no problems getting men, but the problem was she was always getting losers and married men. Donna who was 5'7 and had long gorgeous brown hair, tanned beautiful legs and an ass and smile to die for.

Donna walked up the 3 blocks to the store as she reached in her purse and got out her bottle of water as she made her into the store and went and brought a few items. She got into line and paid for the items and then headed on home.

Donna got to her house and then put the items inside the house and then went out onto the porch. She thought it was gonna be a hot day to herself as she then decided to go sit on one of her benches. She laid out and propped her feet and crossed her ankles as she sipped from the bottle of water and then she saw this really hot looking guy jogging toward her. He was about 6 foot, short black hair and wow what a tanned body. All he had on was a pair of black spandex biker shorts and sneakers. She watched as she came more into view as she checked out his chest and wonderful arms.

Wish I could get a man like that Donna thought to herself as he got closer and he looked over at her and out came a big smile across his face as he got closer and as he went by he gave her a thumbs up. Donna almost fell off her seat as she checked out his nice tight round butt in his pants as he kept on jogging. Donna decided to see if he was going to come back and after waiting for about 20 minutes she was about to give up when she saw him walking down the street toward her. His body glistening with sweat as his flat stomach was huffing and puffing as he came into closer view.

He looked over at her and told her "Hi my name is Chris" he said as he eyed her up and down. "And I just think your choice of clothes is just beyond awesome that is why I gave you the thumbs up when I was jogging by" he said as he turned off his Ipod.

Donna looked at her clothes as nothing special, but hey if he liked them that was good enough for her. "Well, I am Donna and I am glad you liked my clothes" Donna said as inside she was dying as she was really started to get attracted to him as she watched sweat pour off his body and she was checking out his whole package and he was built like a Greek god.

"Why don't you come on up here you look like you could use a drink" Donna said as she slid her feet off the patio edge and went in her house and got a glass of water for Chris. Donna returned with the glass of water and re put her feet back up on the end of the patio and she noticed Chris gulp and he also began to get nervous all the sudden. Donna watched Chris gulp down the water and then she also noticed his looking at the patio quite often and also she noticed a bulge starting to grow in his spandex shorts.

After a few minutes of small talk, Donna asked Chris if he wanted to come in her house! When Donna stood up Chris grabbed Donna and pulled her close to him and gave her a big hug as he played with her hair as he touched her lips and their lips parted and they tongued kissed as Chris looked deeply into Donna's eyes. Chris let the kiss linger on as their tongue swapped salvia as he could feel Donna's bare feet as he slid her back and forth a bit as his cock began to grow within his shorts a fact not unnoticed to Donna as she wrapped her arms around his big back.

Donna got to her front door and opened it as they both went in and Chris began to rub her ass through her jeans. His hands were all over her butt as she closed the door and they fell to the floor as they began to kiss with more intensity and passion than outside. Donna got on top of Chris and began to grind her hips onto his growing cock. She then slid off of him and leaned over and began to rub his chest and his neck with her long nails. She then unlocked her lips as she began to move down on him as she lightly began to rub his chest and stomach, exploring his body. She then began to rub his huge legs as she laid on her stomach and put her feet in the air as Chris groaned very loud as Donna watched his semi hard cock spring up and almost pop out of his pants as she had no idea why is cock was getting so hard and so fast. She rubbed down each leg as she told Chris he had one hell of a body.

"Well, Donna I am flattered and you can have all my body every inch of it" Chris spurted out as he was staring right at Donna's feet and his cock was aching for release. Finally Donna moved her way up and lightly moved her nails across his pants as she reached over and began to rub his thick, hard cock through his shorts. Donna was really getting off watching his cock thrash around to the touch of her fingers.

"God I got to free 'em" Donna said as she slide his tight shorts down and out popped his cock. It was big, thick and she wanted it in her mouth as she wrapped her bright red lips across the head and began to bob down on it. She wrapped her lips around the head and with each bob began to take in more and more till she had 8 inches buried in her mouth as she tongued his balls. Up and down she sucked on his cock as she slide his shorts down and he kicked them away as he spread his legs and rubbed his legs with her fingers as she milked him up and down. She would go hard and fast and then when she could feel him ready to burst she would slow the pace down and then watch as Chris would sigh as she then would begin to increase the pace and then slow it back down.

Donna then got up and un did her jean shorts as Chris crawled over and in front of her. He opened his mouth and took the zipper between his teeth and pulled them down as Donna watched on. Donna had on no panties under the jeans as she watched him slide them down her beyond gorgeous legs. She lifted her shirt up over her head and threw it away on the floor. She laid down and spread her legs for Chris as she invited him to come and get what was between her legs. Chris lightly began to kiss up her legs as she spread her legs even wider as she took hold of his hair and pushed him toward her pussy lips. Donna grabbed him and pushed him between her legs as she crossed her feet across her ankles to keep him from getting away.

Chris grunted and slide out his tongue as his eyes shifted just a bit and in his view popped on a dirty foot. The sole of Donna's feet were quite black with oil and dirt and Chris's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he saw her foot and began to lick and twirl like a man possessed on Donna's pussy.

He was on a mission looking for her clit as some pussy juice slide into his mouth as he quickly gulped down the precious juice like a fine 100 year old wine as he gulped and didn't miss a beat as he twirled his tongue, north, east, west and south in search of what he was looking for.

Finally he managed to find what he was looking for as more juice poured into his mouth and dripped down his chin. He opened her pussy lips a bit and then slide his tongue along her clit as she moaned and told him never to stop as he tongue locked on her clit as he wanted Donna to have an orgasm like she never had before.

Chris looked over at her dirty foot one more time as he then began to get busy on her clit. With each twirl and lick he began to go faster and faster as he got into a good rhythm he knew not to dare stop as he increased the pace of his licking.

Donna's whole body began to shake and move as she grabbed Chris's head extra tight and really squeezed her legs tight as she let loose with a loud moan that probably half of PA could hear as she screamed as she let loose with a powerful orgasm that was like the Hoover dam going into Chris's mouth. Cum spewed out of Chris's mouth as he couldn't quite catch all of Donna's cum as it dripped out of his mouth as he gulped and continued to lick her pussy at the same time. Donna's body began to calm down as she released her tight hold on Chris's hair and relaxed her legs a bit as Chris lightly licked her pussy of the remaining juice.

Chris gave her pussy a last little kiss as he then went under and began to lick right around her asshole. "Donna I want to rim you" Chris said as Donna turned over and Chris began to kiss this princess's ass and then spread her cheeks wide as he began to rim her ass with little flicks of his tongue.

Donna's ass, which was the best looking ass Chris had ever laid eyes on was shaking that he was going to have the honor to lick this 10 plus looking ass. He went under and got a few drops of remaining pussy juice and dropped that between her cheeks and used that to drive her asshole open as the liquid made her tight ass open up a bit and he jammed his tongue in and out in and out of her gorgeous, thick asshole.

In and out he jammed his tongue as he took a finger and played with her clit as she began to shake yet again and soon she came again as she pushed her ass into his face deep as she let loose with a spray of pussy juice that went all over the floor.

Donna moved away from Chris as she then watched as he took his tongue and mouth and slurped up her juice off her wooden floor. Like a vacuum he sucked up all her cum and into his mouth and smiled at her as he gulped it down once again.

"Wow Chris that was hot watching you suck my cum off the floor" Donna said as her body was still tingling as she looked over and saw Chris's lying on his stomach his big hard back glistening with sweat as Donna's perfect ass was glistening with sweat, just there for the taking. "You want my ass Chris, well it is all yours" Donna said as she got on all fours for him. Chris quickly spread her cheeks as he licked and cleaned her beautiful asshole with his tongue as he slipped spit on the hole and jammed his tongue in there for all he was worth. He twirled his tongue around her hole as he felt it open up a bit he began to fuck her asshole with his tongue as her hole opened a bit more for him as the tip of his tongue disappeared into her asshole.

When he felt her asshole was opened up enough, he gave her ass a few last licks and then kissed it on each side as he got up and moved is cock into position.

Chris got his cock and pressed it between Donna's cheeks as he spread her cheeks wide and pressed ever so slightly the head into her asshole. Chris looked down in amazement as the asshole opened and in went the head of his cock in her asshole as Donna moaned and groaned.

"Oh yeah take my cock Donna" Chris cried as he pressed some more and another inch slide and somehow squeezed into her tight hole. He could feel her skin stretch as his cock slowly eased it's way into it's new home.

Chris just looked on as his thick cock somehow was fitting into her tight asshole. He eased up a bit and pulled out and then pushed the head back in and this time her asshole popped and his cock went in easier as he watched her ass take at least 4 inches of his cock and then began to get a rhythm going. He spread her cheeks wide as he mounted up and drove the last 4 inches deep into her ass as her asshole completely opened and took everything he got.

He began to fuck her ass nice and deep, and with each pounding thrust, he began to go faster and harder as his balls smacked into her wet pussy as Donna told him to go faster and harder. Chris then began to pound her ass with vicious thrusts like a man possessed as he pounded his cock deep and hard into her asshole like a moving piston. Sweat poured down off his back as he tried to hold back cuming as long as he could. Donna could feel Chris tensing up and wanting to cum and she didn't want him to cum just yet so decided to do something about it as she wiggled her ass off of Chris's cock.

"I want you to eat me Chris. I want to feel your tongue on my pussy. Don't think I have forgot about my ass, but now I need my pussy licked." Donna said as she inserted a finger inside her pussy and jammed the wet finger in Chris's mouth and he quickly cleaned off her finger in record time.

"Come and get it" Donna said as she laid down in bed and spread her legs. Chris followed her and lightly and gently and ever so slowly he kissed all 10 of her toes and then past her toes up to the soles of her feet and then to her ankles, past her right ankle bracelet up to her calves paying special attention to the ankle bracelet as he went back down for a second making circles around her muscular calves and then up to her knees and then her thighs.

He could smell the pussy juice from here as here was a woman on fire. He kissed ever so slightly on her thighs and then he teased her by kissing all around her pussy, but never actually touching it. Prolonging the agony just a bit more he moved down past her pussy and planted one kiss directly on her asshole before licking right across her now wet pussy.

Finally Donna could take it no more and grabbed Chris and shoved his head in between her legs and he quickly shoved his tongue deep in her pussy and began to lap at the juice and swallow as much as he could. Donna knew she couldn't keep his head buried between her legs long so she silently leaned over without disturbing Chris.

"Lick my pussy Chris, get your tongue in deep you bastard." Donna said. "Lick my pussy suck the juice down my throat. Drink it all down baby." Donna purred. Chris continued to lick with the fury of a charging bull. He stuck his tongue deep and lapped at the juice and quickly deposited it down his throat.
"Mmmm Chris I bet my pussy juice tastes good as I see you drinking it." Donna said as Chris finally got a hold of her clit and ran circles around it biting on it very lightly. teasing Donna. "Ooohhhhh you little bastard bite my clit, suck on it I want to cum a river down your throat". Donna screamed as she grabbed Chris by the hair. Chris wrapped his tongue around her clit and began to lap at it super fast. He could feel Donna shake as she approached orgasm.

"Faster, faster Chris" Donna screamed as her whole body was shaking at this point. "Here it comes open wide and get your drink" Donna screamed as she let out a huge "aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" and she grabbed Chris's hair and kept his head between her legs.

Chris felt the wave of cum as Donna's body shook and the flood gates came out. Chris stuck his mouth open wide and continued to lick at her clit as he drank wave after wave of the pussy juice and quickly let it slid down the length of his tongue and down his throat. Donna quickly came down a bit from her orgasm and let Chris lightly lick her clit as she calmed down. Donna then lifted herself up and got on her knees. "Give my ass a rim job now" Donna ordered as she was even surprised how much she was turned on by Chris doing her ass earlier.

Chris quickly moved up behind her and began to lick her upper back and slowly slid his tongue all over her back like a snake, sucking off her sweat. "Mmmmmmmmmm that feels so good Chris" Donna said as Chris took his tongue all over her lat muscles and worked his way down toward her lower back. He started to pepper the top of her ass with little kisses and he worked his way down and all over her ass. He approached her puckered beautiful asshole and he took a few laps at her pussy juice and he spit it right on her puckered hole. "Come here." Donna said as she went over and had Chris open his mouth up and she spit a wad of salvia on his tongue. "Spit it on my asshole, I want your tongue in deep." Donna said as Chris spit the salvia onto her asshole and then dove right in. He licked lightly right at her hole as he felt it open up with combination of the pussy juice and salvia and he jammed his tongue in and out. "Jam it in there like a small cock." Donna yelled.

Chris did just that as the asshole opened up to accept his tongue. He swirled his tongue all around inside her asshole before jamming it out and then back in. He also was kissing her asshole at the same time. "Jam my ass lick it good." Donna said as she moved her ass back and forth as she fucked Chris' tongue with her ass. "Ooohhhhh it feels so good my ass is on fire. Put your hands underneath my pussy" Donna squealed. Chris did that and a squirt of pussy juice fell from Donna's pussy and onto Chris's hand. "Bring it up here" she said.

Chris did just that and as he looked directly into Donna's eyes as she leaned over and lapped the pussy juice right out of Chris's hand and then leaned over and they tongue kissed. A real deep kiss as Donna slipped a bit of the juice into Chris's mouth. "Mmmmm my juice tastes so good." Donna said as she leaned over and grabbed Chris's cock.

"I need to suck this before you enter me again." Donna went over and started to suck on Chris's dick. She twirled her tongue around the head making sure it was nice and wet. Then worked her way around the whole shaft. To Chris's amazement she deep throated the entire length of his cock and licked at his balls. She then began to fuck him with her mouth and she went up and down on the entire length.

She then whispered in Chris's ear "It's time Chris." Donna said as she took Chris's cock out of her mouth and spread her legs wide. Chris took the head of his cock and slipped it in Donna's pussy. It went right in as Donna's pussy was wet as the ocean. The rest of his cock quickly went in and Chris teased her by slipping it in one inch at a time and then pulling out. Donna couldn't take it any more and Donna innocently put her feet and put them directly on Chris's shoulders. Chris started to fuck her faster and with more force."Feels so good don't stop." Donna yelled out as Chris slammed his balls hard against her ass."Ram me hard baby get your cock in deep." Donna yelled and Chris complied to her wishes as he slipped his whole cock out for a second teasing her and then jamming his cock right back in. Chris stared at Donna's feet as he shoved his cock deep into her wet pussy.

"That's it baby fuck me good. Don't you dare cum cause I want to taste it later. I want your load in my mouth. Keep fucking me I want to cum while your fucking me." Donna yelled as Chris upped up the tempo as he could feel Donna approaching orgasm.

Her body started to shake and her feet started going up and down as Donna began to go crazy. She lost all control at this point her whole body went into convulsions and she let loose with a more intense orgasm than her earlier one.

Chris could feel her pussy juice fly out and go all over his cock as he continued to ram her pussy hard. Donna then relaxed and Chris popped his cock out for a second and jammed it back in making sure his cock was nice and wet with pussy juice. He then lifted Donna up and got her all fours and aimed his cock and pushed the head around Donna's asshole. Chris's cock eased in easy and all the way in as he fucked her ass hard and deep. His cum which had been building in his balls for over 3 days was ready to fly.

"I'm gonna cum Donna" Chris cried as he quickly pulled his cock from her beautiful ass and then Donna in one motion flipped right over and slide right underneath his cock as she leaned up and Chris watched as the first load of cum exited from his balls and through the length of his cock with the fury of a charging bull and exited out head of his cock and he looked down at Donna and watched it fly in the air and land directly in the middle of Donna's wide open mouth. The second blast landed right on the tip of Donna's tongue and Chris watched his trail of cum slide down her tongue into and down her throat, which she gulped. Donna then took a free hand took the head of Chris's cock in her mouth as the she felt another blast rush from his balls through his cock and out his cock head into her warm waiting mouth.

She mounted the cock as stream after stream of hot cum flew from his cock and sprayed her mouth quite good as she gulped each blast right down her throat. Donna tugged on his cock draining him dry. Donna head bobbed as she eased her mouth off his cock. Donna leaned up and jerked the last few drops out of the cock and watched as the drops fell into her mouth and then she pushed the limp dick away. "Oh Chris that was so hot" Donna cried as she got up and they kissed as Donna slipped Chris the last drops of his cum which they both swapped back and forth until Chris took it and Donna nodded as he gulped it down his throat.

Donna and Chris just kinda looked at each other.

"Donna I got a confession. I have a foot fetish and I would love nothing more than to lick your feet right now" Chris said very weakly as he fully expected Donna to throw him out on his ass. Donna was kind of taken aback, but intrigued at the same time. "Ok Chris get down there and let's see if your a man of your word" Donna purred as she was sure he would not lick her feet. Chris got down on his knees and took a foot in his hand. He quickly shoved her toes in his mouth and his tongue explored her toes like a kid with a new toy. He stuck his mouth over her toenail as he sucked on her toes.

"Oh that feels so good Chris. I never knew men were into licking dirty feet, keep licking don't you dare stop until my feet are sparkling clean." Donna moaned as she couldn't believe how good a man sucking on her feet could feel. Chris squirmed his tongue between each toe licking all the dirt that was trapped in between them and sucking it right down his throat.

"That's it big boy clean my feet off with that wonderful tongue of yours, do all my toes, suck on Donna's feet mmmmmm." Donna squealed as Chris stuck 5 toes in his mouth and began to suck on all them as Donna caught on as she jammed her toes in and out of Chris's mouth as she fucked his mouth with her toes.
"Yeah fuck my toes you bastard fuck them good." Donna snarled as she watched as Chris stuck out his tongue and lapped at her toes. He spit on them and continued to suck on her precious toes. He then worked his way down past her toes and worked his way directly under them.

The bottoms were big time grimy so Chris had his work cut out for him. He picked out a small spot and began to suck off the dirt like a vacuum sucking up dirt off a carpet. When some of the dirt wouldn't come off he sucked it off like a leech sucking blood off a human.

He also lightly bit her feet sending chills up and down Donna's spine. He worked his way down the sides where he knew it was extra sensitive as he lightly lapped up and down as he sucked off the dirt with his lips. He licked all the way up to her side feet up to her toes and back down all the way to the ends of her feet. He licked up and down the sides very slowly and surely as Donna was in heaven as well. It felt so good as a man cleaned her feet better than she ever could have thought.

"Suck them. Lick my feet as I watch" Donna said as she watched as Chris happily licked her feet. She couldn't believe how much Chris was into sucking her feet. She watched with her eyes wide open as slowly but surely licked off the dirt and he didn't miss a beat as she watched as Chris made all the dirt disappear off her feet.

She couldn't believe the passion Chris licked her feet with as he was careful to get every speck of dirt off her feet.

Finally Chris fell over as he was finally done. Donna inspected her feet and they were clean. "Damn Chris you did a hell of a job on my feet you deserve what is coming to you baby." Donna said as she got up and pushed Chris's legs apart.

She looked up and a 8 inch cock was standing attention. She went over and slide her asshole onto his cock and began to pump up and down on it. She pushed up and down for about 2 minutes, sliding one last time all the way down to the base of his balls before she slide off his cock.

"I know there is another load in there and I am gonna it out." Donna said as she wrapped her long fingernails around Chris's balls. "I bet that cock taste great." Donna said as her mouth sucked all the ass juice off Chris's cock. Donna wrapped her lips around Chris's hard cock in her mouth as her tongue explored his balls. She could feel twinge in her mouth as she began to go up and down on his cock. "That's it Donna do it faster I want to cum." Chris yelled out as Donna picked up the pace.

"I'm going to cum Donna drink every drop down baby you know you want to" Chris said as he buckled his hips and Donna could feel his balls burst as the dam burst. The first wave of cum hit Donna in the back of throat. It was followed by another quick burst of cum and then another. Donna's mouth was full of cum as the dam continued to burst. Load after load of protein filled Donna's mouth as even Donna could not believe how much cum was coming out of Chris's cock.

After about a minute the cum came out in small spurts. Donna then drained Chris's cock of any remaining cum as she slipped her mouth off Chris's cock as it feel limp.

"Whew Chris that was mega hot" as they both fell asleep.

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