Phosia Euphosia
by on June 18, 2020

The spartan environment of the military helicopter felt like a haven. The Alaskan wind outside maliciously tossed and threw the ever increasing snowfall against the windows. In the austere polar night, and travelling through this eternal desert of the sky with the constant whir of the helicopter as the only sound, Elle felt as if she could lose herself without even noticing.

“Nearly there,”

Doctor Arandis glanced at her with his taciturn, hard bitten face. Since they’d met about a month ago he’d been brisk, professional, and hadn’t smiled once. In his mid-forties with a neatly pressed uniform and a military gait acquired over the years, Elle constantly had the impression of being cooly appraised from behind his stony eyes.

Nevertheless, he was the nearest thing she had to familiarity as the chopper began its descent into what she guessed was a very remote military base. They were more than an hour out of Barrow and the strangely featureless expanse of the polar sky that enveloped them did not allow for any geographical marking points. Neither of the pilots nor Dr. Arandis was in any mood to talk and left Elle alone to her thoughts and imagination. The paperwork which she was required to sign; the confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure forms which despite their impenetrable legalese somehow managed to affect an air of menace; was fresh in her memory as she made out the stern façade of the base.

Perhaps this went with the territory of being a military nurse. Elle had been busy focusing on the challenge of a new job and a new location. Being told late yesterday to be ready to travel with Dr. Arandis to an undisclosed location and to sign those forms could be just a normal part of the job she told herself. Nevertheless, she felt a cold tightening in the pit of her stomach as she hurried after the three men. She sheltered her face as the wind and snow beat her on the brief run between helipad and base entrance.

The work itself had been fairly routine. Assisting Dr. Arandis with simple health checks on the six men who worked at the base was routine enough: Elle’s unease came from the isolation of their location and the feeling that she could just sense that the snowstorm was getting worse outside. Sure enough their return journey was delayed;

“Won’t be too long,” one of the pilots had said unconvincingly.

Elle waited alone in a small room. Not that she wanted to be alone particularly but she was very aware of being the only female on this base, surrounded by men, many of whom had been stuck out here miles from anywhere for God knows how long. How many people would know she was here, nothing but arctic desert stretching out in every direction, she wondered.

She started as the secure door opened. There seemed to be more secure doors than people on this base. But all thoughts of that evaporated as she recognised one of the men she had checked earlier. Burns was his name she seemed to remember. She hadn’t appreciated the way he’d looked her up and down earlier though that was by no means uncommon. Her stomach curdled now though as he secured the door shut behind him. She shifted uneasily as he grinned at her.

“Take it easy. I’m here to help you,” he fixed her with a leery smile.
“Oh, yeah?” Elle tried to keep the thumping heart out of her voice.
“Yes. My friends will be here soon. I could look after you.”
“You think I need looking after?”
“From these sons of bitches, yes.”

He approached her. Elle’s fists clenched involuntarily. Her snowbooted legs clamped themselves together. He chuckled as he placed the tops of two prying fingers against her face. Angrily, she jerked her head away.

“Don’t be like that,” he reached out with the other hand. For her chest.
It was difficult to tell who was more surprised. Burns or Elle herself. As he reached out his grasping hand, Elle, remembering her basic training, grabbed his hand and pushed his forearm back. Sweeping his leg she sent him down onto his ass right there. His expression of creepy lust was joined by one of outraged vengeance and humiliation.

“You’ll pay for that bitch.”

He got up and approached again,

“You wanna make it harder for yourself yeah?”

Elle retreated back behind the table.
“Come to me little Kitty,” Burns mocked.
Elle backed away against the wall. Her fear blended with a determination to make this bastard at least pay something for what he was going to do. What he was going to take…

She had never been happier to see Dr.Arandis!
The door slid open and the doctor stood there with one of the pilots. Arandis scanned the room, Burns, and Elle in the same cool impersonal way his medical instruments did. Elle thought he was about to make a comment but after a brief pause he said;
“Looks like we’ve got a window. Five minutes.”
Avoiding Burns’ look of barely disguised hostility she left the room.

When the attack came it was a model of efficiency and testament to the benefits of thorough planning. The advantage of surprise, the vulnerability of high tech military equipment to pre-planned targeted hacking, and the benefits of having someone on the inside, meant the hostiles lack of numerical superiority didn’t matter. Captain Park was happy, proud of his men, the way they secured their targets and eliminated their adversaries with a minimum of trouble. Even with Lieutenant Kim, his unit’s political officer, leading from behind as always, they had done very well.

“Captain Park. This is Burns. Our friend,” Kim introduced Burns in his clipped but accurate English.
“You have done a great service to the cause of Socialism,” Park responded automatically.

He gazed round at the dead soldiers wearing the same uniform as his new friend and tried to keep the distaste out of his voice. Even when one capitalist imperialist dog stabs the other dogs in the back to the advantage of the Motherland, there is still something undesirable about it.

“All targets accounted for, Comrade Burns?” asked Kim.
“Yeah, they’re all there plus the quack and the flyboys. Hang on, where is she? Where’s the nurse?”
A flash of irritation flickered in Park’s eyes.
“Nurse? We got your message, your very late message, about the doctor and the pilots but you said nothing about a nurse.”
Something about Park’s glare made even a cocky individual like Burns swallow.
“Don’t worry Captain Park,” he stuttered. “Just one woman. I’ll help you find her.”

Park had been in charge of the military planning for this operation from the beginning. He had been tasked with months of painstaking organisation for every conceivable problem and variable. It had all been based on intelligence which he’d been promised was sound but experience had taught him to never count on. It had taken all his mental control, discipline and strength to conceive, to plan, to live this operation, and just now when it was all coming together this piece of news was supremely irritating.

“Don’t worry Captain Park,” said Kim switching to Korean. “Comrade Burns here has just helped us kill eight men and secure the base with no losses of our own. I am sure he can handle it.”
Burns smiled awkwardly in incomprehension as Park continued the conversation.
“Don’t call him Comrade. He is not part of our struggle. He has been bought that’s all. We do not trust him.”
“As political officer for this unit I must tell you Captain that Burns here is a high level asset. You have seen how helpful he has already been. It would be good if you showed some appreciation. All this fuss over a nurse!”

Park supressed his impatience. Kim was a typical party apparatchik. Knew how to exploit his connections, and they were good ones. His grandfather was a hero of the Great American War. But like most ‘party supervisors’ he knew nothing about military matters. Park on the other hand had got where he was entirely by his own efforts. By working hard and being bloody good. But as his own grandfather had been a captured (and ‘re-educated’) soldier of the South in that very same war there were limits to how far he could go.

He breathed in.

“Very well Lieutenant. Like you, I wish only to serve our Socialist Motherland and will strive to see the bigger picture. But as I am sure you will appreciate I have been given complete command over all issues related to military affairs. And given the stakes one bought man, and one runaway nurse is a military affair.”

Elle was shaking. She’d heard the shouts and gunfire. Her life had been saved purely by a lack of strategic knowledge of the location. As both defenders and attackers rushed to protect or capture the mystery that lay at the heart of this base she had just looked for the nearest safe place. It had worked until now. She wiped away her tears wondering if it was worth it, not knowing when she would start crying again. Should she stay where she was? Or was it worth running?

“Here Kitty. Coming to get you,”

She heard Burns’ taunting voice. Instinctively she ran hindered slightly by her boots and the fear of making any noise. But not knowing the base she soon found herself facing a dead end and as luck would have it she heard heavy footsteps approaching round the corner. Darting back along the corridor she kept to the wall. As Burns came round the corner she caught him by surprise kicking him straight in the balls. He wheezed and crumpled over and with grim satisfaction Elle skipped around him…

Only to run straight into three severe looking North Koreans. Elle started in shock but Park, Kim and a burly Sergeant named Moon had the advantage of military training and instinctively grabbed hold of her. Nevertheless, as the last remaining American on the base she put up a worthy resistance. Park got punched in the eye and as Moon picked her up with his powerful arms she actually used his strength to her advantage by winding Kim with a drop kick, but eventually the three of them wrestled and carried their raging, squirming captive down the corridor while Burns staggered behind. Park gritted his teeth and his eyes watered while Elle sunk her fangs into his forearm as Kim and Moon cursed in Korean under their breath. Elle writhed and twisted and turned with a primal energy and a resistance which was far more than anything else the invaders had had to cope with that day, all the while teaching her captors some colourful English which they would never have learned from the captured journalists and missionaries which had taught them at military school.

Eventually they bundled her into the command centre and Park shouted something in Korean to one of the soldiers stationed there. They pinned her to the ground, Moon getting a hard kick from Elle’s boots straight into his cheek for his troubles. Her eyes widened as she saw the fourth soldier produce a needle. Summoning a final burst of resistance her left arm broke free of Kim’s grasp and she clouted this new assailant, a taciturn looking tough called Min round the back of his head. He swore as the needle rolled onto the floor. Kim regained control of her arm and pinned it down. Elle winced in pain as Park dug his knee into her other arm while Moon held her hips and torso fast. Finally, Min eased the needle into her forearm after Park had rolled her sleeve back. In spite of his pain and irritation, Park watched fascinated as the fire in Elle’s eyes slowly gave way to an irresistible urge to sleep. Those deep, dark wells of resistance fluttered for a few moments in a desperate last stand suggesting reserves of resistance, of something, Park had spent his whole life searching for, finding bits of it here and there but never so perfectly exemplified in this decadent American woman who had given him so much trouble.

“Ssh. Ssssh.”

Elle’s last impression was of his dark eyes burning into her consciousness like hot coals as he eased her to sleep.

She woke up.

And couldn’t move. She lay stretched out on a medical bed. Her arms were raised extended full length above her head and shackled together. Her legs were similarly bound once above the knees and again over her shins. Her body ached all over and her throat felt parched. She could hear angry Korean voices in the background. They seemed to be arguing.

“Hey! Hey you bastards! I’m not finished with you. Come back for more!”

Her angry defiance got the better of her.
“Well, look what we got here.”
Elle’s flesh began to creep as she recognised Burn’s voice. He ran a hand up her inner leg up to her helpless thigh.
“You won’t be kicking me again. Ever, you bitch.”
Helplessly Elle writhed, shuddering at his intrusive touch. He laughed at her powerlessness.
“You’d better learn co-operation pretty fast if you want to get out of this,” he smirked.
Elle shook her head violently from side to side, tears began to form in her eyes as his hands groped her breasts.
“No. You bastard!”
“Yes,” Burns nodded smarmingly, a sneer on his lips. Unfastening the front of his trousers he began to mount her, all the while enjoying her suffering and helplessness.

Elle watched as the look on Burn’s face turned from one of sleazy triumphant lust to one of surprise and then of pain. Park’s face; a look of controlled anger honed into view above that of her assailant. Twisting Burn’s arm behind his back he pulled him away from Elle and spun him round before one- twoing him to the ground with a pair of deadly punches.

“I am in charge of this interrogation, Burns.”

Elle breathed deeply but her relief was fleeting. Park and Kim now approached her on either side. The severity in their dark eyes wasn’t just cold, it was a kind of burning cold. Stretched out and bound at their mercy she could hardly breathe as her body began to shake in its bonds. Switching her head from side to side she got her first real good look at her captors. They both had short dark crew cuts and seemed in their thirties though she sometimes found that difficult to tell with Asian men. Kim had a quiet arrogance to his slightly round, smooth face which reminded her of the predatory wolves that Alaska was famous for. Park’s marginally more ovaline features suggested a somewhat rougher life but also that this was nothing he couldn’t handle. A quiet confidence in his capacity to both withstand, and do, anything seemed to announce itself to her. She hoped the welter of feelings rising up from her insides did not betray her as she took in their lean forms which were well complemented by their green uniforms.

She tried to stare defiantly at Park as his own dark eyes shot back hot granite with interest. She noticed a small purpling bruise under his right eye where she had got him earlier and despite everything smiled briefly to herself. He noticed and Elle thought she sensed an ever so slight flicker of irritation in his rock solid stare.

Kim jerked her face towards him;
“You will tell us everything,” he said evenly.

Rage briefly overcame fear and Elle spat in his face. Park hid his amusement as corrupt Western saliva was wiped off Kim’s Workers Party poster boy face. He delivered a firm even slap and Elle felt her cheek burn. Maintaining silence he gave her a look that suggested he was deciding whether or not to unleash a pack of killer dogs on her. As she turned her head in terror yet again she met Kim’s angry glare. She didn’t know whether it was his anger, or the force that he was using to control his anger, that frightened her more.

“I..I’m sorry. I know nothing…nothing,” she tried not to sob.
Park gestured to Min who approached with another needle. Her fear was audible as her shackles denied her even the consolation of writhing helplessly. Despite the tension between them Park and Kim shared looks of grim satisfaction as the needle pierced her fine, white skin.

“Different drug this time,” Park smiled.

Elle felt her prone body begin to tingle. A heavy kind of warmness flowed up her arms forcing her muscles to relax. Her mind screamed defiance but was soothed by her increasingly sedated body. Park and Kim were still visible but she seemed to feel their dark, uniformed profiles as well as just see them. Their voices seemed to be coming from within her own head. She tried to resist but it was so nice to just relax and look at them and listen to the sound of their voices as if in a dream. As the drug took its hypnotic effect, her chest heaved with a warm satisfaction while the tingling enveloped her. Involuntarily her hips moved ever so slightly.

“Who are you?” Park’s voice reverberated softly in her head.
“My name is Elle, Sir. I am a military nurse.”
“Your training?”
“Standard medical”
“Combat? Espionage? Sabotage?”
“Nuh uh. I’m just a nurse”,
“How long have you been in the US military?”
“Just a month. I was a school teacher before that.”
She willingly gave up all he asked for now, all resistance gone from her eyes.
“What did you teach? Propaganda? Capitalist Imperialist doctrine?” cut in Kim.
“No, just reading, math,” she replied compliantly.

She was dimly aware of the two of them standing over her discussing her in Korean. She could smell their lean, quiet strength, sensed their discipline and power. She began to feel a warmth between her legs. Feeling the shackles on her wrists and legs she felt a strange kind of attraction to them, not necessarily sexual, though somewhat erotic.

“What do you know about Operation ‘Yadong’?”
“Ya-dong?” she repeated. “I like that sound. Ya- dong”.
She was aware of Kim pulling a gun on her with a somewhat weary air. She closed her eyes.

“I told you this was a waste of time. We should have eliminated her ages ago.”
Kim held the gun to the side of Elle’s head.
“We had to be sure. She could have told the enemy everything about us.”
“Yes, but it’s clear she hasn’t.”
Park shifted getting ready to fire.
“Wait! Comrade. The men have done well. We have done well. Today could still be our last day on this earth.”
Park held his colleague’s eyes and directed them to Elle’s desirable female form. They looked at her chest as it moved up and down breathing evenly. Her face with its closed eyes was a beguiling mix of strength and submission. Their eyes settled at the point of her arm where her creamy peach skin had been pierced.
“She is beautiful.”
“Not like you to let something like this get in the way of a military operation, Captain Park!”
Kim teased, and then relented.
“Fine, but don’t take too long. Soon the Americans will notice that helicopter hasn’t come back and when they get here all the men’s trousers need to be on!”

Elle’s arms ached. She still felt slightly groggy but the effects of the drug were beginning to wear off. As she became more aware she gasped.

She had been removed from the medical bed but her arms were still shackled above her. This time they had been affixed to a bar suspended from the ceiling. Her feet just about touched the ground but it was very hard to stand still.
She was naked. As she struggled she noticed Park, Kim, Moon and Min fully suited and booted and standing before her.

“Let me go you bastards!”

She kicked out helplessly. In outrage, and then in terror, as she noticed that Kim and Moon were both holding some scary looking floggers.

“We use these on undesirables in our re-education camps,” Kim began.
“Yeah, but not many of us get a chance to use them on imperialist Americans. Only a few of them in the camps,” continued Moon.
“I’ve been looking forward to this you American bitch!” he continued
“Fuck you, you commie gook bastard!” Elle retorted.
“All in good time.” Kim shot back.

Kim and Moon walked round behind her. Elle squeezed her eyes shut in fearful anticipation. She could hear the floggers swishing through the air as her tormentors loosened up. Daring to reopen her eyes briefly she noticed a look of anticipation on Min’s face. He was strong, but young, and seemed inexperienced. In other circumstances she would have loved to have shown him a thing or two.

Park was impassive. Impossible to read.

There was a second delay between the impact of the blows and the pain that followed. It crashed onto her skin and reverberated into her body. They began on her shoulder blades, the pain punching through to her lungs and chest while her taut arms began to burn ready to burst in agony. She didn’t want to give the bastards the satisfaction of watching her scream but it was impossible. Expertly, they moved down her back. Between blows she tasted the warm feel of her own blood as her teeth dug into her lower lip in fearful anticipation. It alternated with her howls of suffering as their firm hands did their work. Kim and Moon grinned with pleasure as welts appeared on her back, their colour contrasting nicely with her natural complexion. They enjoyed forcing her forward with their solid blows then watching her moan in pain as the resistance of the shackles swung her back helplessly. The blows coming from her right, from Kim, hurt bad enough but the ones from Moon were something else. He was stronger, but skilful too. Expertly he sought out her weak spots, blending regularity and randomness, applying pain but never too much so that it would be overwhelming or dulled. He wanted to keep her aware of what was happening to her.

Kim and Moon paused to admire their work. Elle’s entire body seemed to one whole concentrated package of pain. She sobbed helplessly.

Park and Min now approached. Surprisingly sensual for a man in his early twenties, Min slowly ran his gloved hands over her breasts. Through the stinging agony, Elle sensed to her horror that they were swelling. He grinned boyishly as he cupped and squeezed his new toys as Elle’s pain began to mix with other, more pleasurable sensations. Hopelessly, she tried to hide her shame by first turning away and then pitifully trying to shake her hair over her eyes.

It was no use. Her head fell back, her mouth open in helpless involuntary arousal as Min stroked her nipples. She threw her head forward again helplessly squealing as he pinched them.
“Here’s a souvenir from the DPRK, American woman!”
Elle winced as she was pierced with two red star pin badges. They laughed at their latest contribution to the cause of Socialist-Realist Art.
“Your tits look good, girl!”
Moon mocked in a fake American accent to more sadistic male laughter.
Just when Elle thought she might pass out either from pain or mental exhaustion she detected a pleasurable feeling on her pert behind. Park’s fingers played it like a skilful gayageum player causing her to shudder helplessly, manipulating and playing the strings of her body, making her sing just like he would one of those traditional Korean, stringed instruments. In shame she felt herself slowly begin to moan in pleasure, she wept, thinking nothing could save her.

More pain saved her.

Kim and Moon restarted their work. They were as brutal on her behind as Park had been sensual. He and Min stood close to her savouring her scent like prowling wolves while all four of them enjoyed the sound of the floggers connecting with her firm cheeks. When they paused Kim and Moon smiled in sadistic pleasure as her ass twitched helplessly not knowing when, or from where, the next blow was coming.

The sound of the floggers on her soft, exposed skin mixed with the sound of her cries and sobs as her body swayed helplessly. The pain took her over part by part until Elle felt as if she was giving herself to it. Living it. A part of her still resisted, raged helplessly against this punishment, but it was ever more a detached and powerless bystander. Her eyes focused on the suggestive yet restrained look on Park as he stood before her watching her suffering.
After what seemed an age, Park called a stop.

Elle, taking anything she could get, bowed her head in relief. Her body stung in pain as she helplessly tried to hide her tears which dripped onto the cold floor. Park approached and thrust her chin up staring into her eyes as she emitted quiet sobs. Her fine, dark hair fell in curtains over her burning eyes. Park scooped it back with his remaining hand and gazed powerfully into them. For all that she still glared back with resistance and defiance. She was torn between spitting into his face and surrendering to those deep, dark eyes.

“Fuck you.” She forced out.
Hitherto, her face had been spared the agony of much of the rest of her body but Park struck her with such force and precision that the new pain in her cheeks distracted even from the stinging reverberations on the ones down below. She flayed helplessly back and forth in her shackles. He pointed at the bruise under his eye where she had caught him earlier and smiled cruelly. Next, her head was ringing as he aimed a deft kick to its side. It felt like she had been plunged repeatedly into a bucket of ice cold water and her head began to swim. It almost began to feel unreal. Next, her head rocked back as he connected with a stealthy roundhouse kick. She began to feel dizzy; dizzy with just enough consciousness to stay awake, and for his movements, for him, to fill her vision. His strikes and kicks were brutal. Brutal but controlled. If she wasn’t in so much pain she would have almost appreciated the speed and poise with which he moved as he practised his unarmed combat skills on her. She was bound but didn’t need to be. She knew she wouldn’t have stood much of a chance but there was no shame in that. Most soldiers wouldn’t have either.
He approached her and stood close. He savoured her presence as he waited for her to stop rocking back and forth in her bonds. Curiously, almost tenderly, he put a finger to her cheek and let a tear trickle down onto it. He gently cupped the side of her face in his hand. Elle meekly tried to turn away but found herself being helplessly redirected into his dark eyes. Park ran his hands slowly down her front, his hands tracing out her exposed breasts in relief as Elle shivered. She desperately tried to avoid his eyes as his fingers detected the growing dampness between her semi-suspended legs. His cruel smile gave her resolve; resolve to use her anger at the violation they were subjecting her to, to distract from the intense pain. Her pain and anger were what sustained her now, all she was aware of.

But it came from them. They were all she was aware of.

Helplessly, she rippled in soul destroying pleasure as Park manipulated her exposed vulnerability further. He controlled her senses; filled them; defined them. The gayageum began to sing its tune in increasing obedience to its captor. The heat of her anger and resistance blended with the erotic arousal he was beginning to kindle in her as Elle’s screams exploded into that vast, all-encompassing Arctic wilderness.

Park cut her down.

On her hands and knees she forced her face up, looking at him. Her eyes burned an overwhelming cocktail of pain, pleasure, anger, arousal, defiance and gratitude. Weakly, her arms burning, she made a staggering crawl in his direction. A swift kick on either side, Kim on one, Moon on the other, straight into her ribs, forced her down to the floor. Summoning what resistance she had left Elle vainly attempted to rise, her face slumping against Park’s knees and sliding down against his boots.

Beneath his inscrutable exterior Park was torn. She was nothing like the kind of woman he had expected. She was not at all the loud, obese, decadent and weak woman he had been taught about in school. Though she would be expected to cry out with abandon here he noticed that when possible she tried to muffle her cries and screams with sobs. Her stinging, tear stained oval face and greenish brown eyes held him. She possessed a different figure to Korean women but it was by no means unpleasant; it simply expressed its strength and vulnerability in a different way.

He wanted her. He wanted her more than anything right now. Even more than the success of this mission.

Elle again tried to rise but was firmly forced back down by Park’s foot. She could sense his excitement, could taste it, as the other three men closed in around her. Their approaching trouser fronts reminded her of a pack of hungry dogs around a cornered animal. With nowhere to turn she was part eased, part forced down onto her back on the hard, institutional floor; the cold, lifeless character of it contrasting with her flesh; and the friction tormenting the fresh wounds on her back and behind. Helplessly she struggled, the pain her body felt hindering her resistance. Eight strong, searching, sadistic yet skilful hands ranged over her body seeking out its secrets overpowering any resistance with an overwhelming force. She weakly lashed out with her hand and found it holding another much as she would that of a lover. Recovering she tried to break free but there was no strength left. Strong fingers unerringly found their way to her weak points sometimes sadistically and sometimes sensually. Her face flushed, her breasts and nipples swelled and she began to leak between her legs. She screamed, swore, cursed and cried. Looking up, their Asiatic features, their dark hair, dark eyes and predatory faces filled her senses. Their dark eyes fascinated her, were fascinated by her. She was aware of their part removed uniforms surrounding her. Their hands sometimes rough, sometimes smooth, were all over her now. She gasped as they were in her hair, her face, her mouth. She moaned as they covered her breasts, her torso, her legs and calves. Elle began to shudder as their hands invaded her by now moist pussy.
They began to unzip their trousers. Elle wept and shook her head as their excited members approached her. One pinned her arms, two spread her legs open while the last one teased her entrance with his erection. She was aware of the sadistic, cruel smiles on all four faces staring over her as the erect shaft forced its way in. When she tried to close her eyes they were forced open and made to stare back into the deep dark eyes of the man on top, using her for his pleasure. One by one they filled her, invaded her.

And violated her.

Anger and outrage kept her conscious providing a counter weight to the shame that filled her soul. She felt so dirty but a third force of involuntary arousal cut into the mix as she felt herself begin to wrap her insides, her whole body, her whole being, around their excited members. She didn’t know whether to hate these bastards, or to hate herself more. Deep pools formed on her eyes.
Then, for a moment, she loved them.

Their hands held her firm as her body convulsed. One by one they exploded inside her, their strong hands holding her in place as she spasmed in response. She screamed with abandon as their cum both defiled and defined her.
She went beyond resistance and surrender.
She lived through the moment.

Her eyes caught Park’s. Through her tears he saw a whole universe in her eyes. He felt a being yearn for a moment of perfect self-expression, aching to give up its treasures and to define and articulate itself to another. He was deep inside her now but no, she told him, this is not the way. Her tears dissolved in her eyes and her soul evaporated into that vast polar sky to return renewed.

Naked she lay where they had left her.
Her body still rippled with the occasional after shock but other than that she couldn’t move. So deep within herself, beyond everything, her whole surroundings seemed to barely exist. Time seemed irrelevant. Vaguely, dimly, she was aware of being hauled up and covered with something. A cold sensation invaded her throat shocking her back into a kind of consciousness. She choked on the first mouthful of water but at his insistence she gulped down the second.
He walked briskly back to his station. The mission was approaching a critical moment. He had already taken a risk leaving his post. It would have been noted he was sure. He couldn’t afford to waste any more time.
He paused.
“Fuck”, he muttered to himself in Korean as he turned round.

She must have fallen asleep.
The blanket was rough but it offered protection from that hard floor though it chafed the welts on her back. Her face felt damp as if the tears had imprinted themselves onto it. Her body was sore all over.
And Burns appeared.
“You broken yet?”
The look in his eyes, the sneer in his voice. Just like a hyeana preying on what other beasts had left behind. In a way, Elle was glad that her flesh could still creep as he approached. She could still feel, she could still resist; at least inside she could. The answer was no. She wasn’t broken.
None of which interested Burns as he unzipped his trousers.
“Crawl here you bitch.”
Elle stared back coldly.
“I said come here!”
Burns pulled a gun and stalked angrily towards her.
“I’m gonna fuck you, then kill you!”
Instinctively she retreated into her blanket. She still felt fear. Her life was still there to be lived.
Roughly Burns tore the blanket off her exposing her breasts to his lecherous gaze. Roughly he pushed her down onto her back. He made as if to put the gun to her head. Elle flinched as she heard gunshot.

Burns’ eyes dillated as the life left them. Elle screamed as the blood dripped from his head and the gun fell to the floor. Burns crumpled over right next to her.
She heard footsteps run in her direction and frantic shouts in Korean. Looking up, Park stood there gun in hand looking at her with a look of frustrated semi-recognition.
Kim, Moon and Min piled into the room. Kim immediately ripped verbally into Park. Elle couldn’t understand Korean but it made no difference. Her shock meant she wouldn’t have made any sense of it if it were in English, though, in another sense, she understood perfectly.
“What are you doing, Captain!?”
“This piece of shit was talking to her. Could have been saying anything.”
Burns had struggled onto his back before giving up the ghost. Kim gestured towards him.
“With his dick out? What’s it to you if he has his fun after us? You have jeopardised this mission, Captain Park!”
“You jeopardised the mission by not letting me place him under armed guard!”
“He is not, was not, a threat! Now, you’re actions are the biggest threat to this mission. As next senior officer and political officer I am relieving you of command, Park!”
He gestured to Moon.
“Moon. Place Comrade Park under arrest.”
Moon looked at the two senior officers indecisively.
“Moon. I understand your mother is at the end of a very long waiting list for a kidney operation back home. I can get her up that list.”
With an air of embarrassment Moon approached Park.
Park took advantage of Moon’s moment of indecisiveness to shoot him. Simultaneously he ducked to the ground to avoid the incoming shot from Min which he was sure would come. As the young man re-aimed, Park flipped round on his belly and put a bullet between Min’s eyes.
Even the cold Kim gave in to shock and anger.
“Not only have you jeopardised this mission, you have now guaranteed its failure. You are a traitor!”
Kim pulled his gun on Park. The captain sat up to face his executioner as he watched the finger touch the trigger.
The shot rang out for a second before the sound was irretrievably lost in the Alaskan wilderness.

A red circle appeared on Kim’s forehead, expanded and dripped down his shocked face. The political officer collapsed to the ground.
Elle’s arm extended out from under the blanket. Burn’s gun in her hand.
Park knelt. And bowed.

She rested her head against his knee. Tenderly he stroked her fine, dark hair.
Neither of them had any words. The great silence of that Arctic desert had them both.
He couldn’t complete his mission without his comrades. If he ever managed to return to Pyongyang he would be a failure and he knew what that meant. The Americans would be here any moment now. It was up to Elle whether they took him alive or not. In fact, it needn’t get that far. At her command he would end it now if she gave the word.
Until the time came, he would give her these moments…

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