Phosia Euphosia
by on June 19, 2020

It started with a kiss...soft and sweet. Grabbing his cock I take it into my mouth and start to suck. Moving the head and shaft of his penis in and out of my wet hot mouth. I feel his cock harden and elongate as I wrap my lips around it. I want to try and deep throat him. I decide to turn him and myself more to the right...there now she can see. There is my friend who I have known for 8 years watching me suck this very handsome young man's cock. I try to deep throat him. I do a good job and I keep trying. I gag a few times because I can't take him all in my mouth. I look into his eyes and I think I am pleasing him because he moans when I look into his eyes and suck his cock and he says "Good girl." Mmmm i love hearing that.

He tells me to take off my underwear because he is going to eat my pussy. I am embarrassed of him going down there and I tell him so...but my friend tells me to stop it and embrace it and he goes down anyway. He makes me moan. His tongue feels so good. I love the effort he puts in. Sliding his tongue up and down my pussy lips and my clit. Pressing his face right in like he is wearing my pussy like a mask. Mmmmm. I know my friend is watching me moan and move as waves of pleasure wash over me. I ask her to take a picture with my phone so she gets up but unfortunately my phone doesn't have enough power to capture the moment. Which means it won't capture anything else. My friend just watches. Visualizing my pleasure.

Next it is my turn to return pleasure and I am ready to give my first rim job and finger fuck his ass. I tell him to get on the bed on all fours in my most innocent and demanding tone. He does as he is told and he smirks as he gets into position. My friend wants my dress off and he wants my bra off. Together they want me naked. I give them what they want. He is bent over and there is a sight I am unfamiliar with. A man giving up his asshole. I touch his ass, smooth my hand over it. I rub my finger over it. I don't know how to start or what to do. So I get shy and my friend helping me tells me to suck his cock again until I am ready. So I go down on him again, taking him in as far as I can, moving faster and faster. Finally I am ready.

He gets back on all fours and I start to lick his asshole. Thank goodness he cleaned it before I went down there. It is not an unpleasant smell. Doesn't smell like roses either. I lick up and down and circle my tongue. I stroke his cock and play with his balls. I am so awkward and ungraceful. I feel like I am doing a horrible job. He moans a little and I try to do better. I have an idea for him to sit on my face while I finger fuck his ass and suck his cock at the same time. We assume positions. I ask my friend to put coconut oil on my finger. She helps me. The moment of truth. I insert my finger and his ass wants none of it. It clenches under the push of my finger and tries to push it out. I takes me some time to warm up to trying to jam my finger in his ass but I start to finger fuck his ass and suck his cock. He gives me sensual bites on my upper thighs and even goes down on me in our own awkward 69. I try to do good but I know being my first time that it is not the best it could be. I only hope he can understand.

He stops me and gets up. He puts on a condom and lowers himself on top of me. Entering my pussy. He feels so good. He thrusts into me fast. Pounding me. It feels amazing, and I am enjoying the pleasure he gives me. I keep thinking oh my god my friend is watching, but I am starting to enjoy it. She is watching me getting fucked thoroughly by this young stud. She has had enough of missionary and demands that I get on top and ride him hard. I have not really ever done much riding because of my weight but I get on top and try to fuck him cowgirl the best way I know how. I move my booty and pussy up and down the shaft of his cock. I am trying to bounce without breaking him. He starts to reach his hand towards my neck slowly and i know he is waiting for me to say it is okay to go there. So I look him in the eye and tell him it is okay. The way he holds his hand around my neck is so erotic. I revel in it and I enjoy it. It is soft, yet firm and I can tell he enjoyed it.

Next it is the grand ass. Down on all fours and rubbed with coconut oil he enters. The first feeling of tightness and then my asshole relaxes around his cock. He starts to thrust his perfect-fit-in-my-ass cock in and out of my ass. I am moaning louder and louder. I am thinking how hot it is that my friend is watching my ass getting pounded. I can hear the slap of our bodies hard and clear. It feels so good I want to cry. I love my ass getting pounded like that. I am now screaming into the bed. I move my arm down and get a good position to rub my clit. Oh god the sensations I am feeling at that moment are extreme. I am screaming from such pleasure he is giving me. The relentless pounding on my ass coupled with the clit stimulation is just euphoric. Finally, he finds his release. He floods my ass with his ejaculate.

As he releases himself from my body. I flop over on the bed. I have been thoroughly fucked in all my holes, I gave my first rim job, I gave my first finger fuck, my first voyeur moment with my friend watching and I have cum in my ass. All in all Happy Fucking Hump Day...I got humped ;)

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