Phosia Euphosia
by on June 25, 2020

It has never been a secret that my boyfriend has a foot fetish, he loves my feet, and loves to give girls a foot rub. Of course, I feel this makes me a very lucky girl. I love having my feet rubbed, and if he wants to smell my feet while he's doing it, then that's just fine. I know he loves smelling feet. I guess I'll never know why guys like feet, but I'm not complaining, I love that my boyfriend has a foot fetish as it means all the attention on my sexy feet, and all I have to do is sit back and relax.

I know exactly how to turn him on with my feet, and I know how to make him weak. It's because he has a foot fetish that I can have my way with him. Using my feet to entice him, and then he's soon putty in my hands, or should that be feet.

We started in the bedroom and kept things at home. I always loved that my boyfriend has a foot fetish, as it also means we're more open with each other, and can talk about everything. He loves to share his stories with me about smelling girls feet, and sometimes if I come home from the gym, he loves to smell my sweaty feet, fresh out of my trainers. I used to find it a little strange that he has a foot fetish, but now I can't get enough of it. I even plan some of our foot worship sessions for us. And since we have got a little more imaginative, some of those foot fetish sessions we carry out, are now carried out in public.

I have several methods of driving him crazy and making him hard while we're out together. My boyfriend's foot fetish means that even just tapping my foot with my legs crossed, and letting my stiletto heel hang loosely off my foot, exposing my foot inside the shoe, is enough to drive him wild.

I have learned a lot about my boyfriend's foot fetish, and now we incorporate my feet into our sex life. I have been known after a nice foot rub, to slide my feet into his mouth. Face fucking him with my foot is so sexy, and while I wasn't turned on by foot fetish at the start, my boyfriend having a foot fetish is now something that I love about him. I can't imagine being with a guy who doesn't have one.

I love to tease him with my feet and see just how quickly I get his cock hard. My boyfriend's foot fetish means that I have total control over him, and all I need to use to exert the control is my feet. I know just how to exploit the fact he has a foot fetish and use it to my advantage. Not only do I get infinite amounts of foot rubs, but I also get to turn him on simply by pushing my foot in his face, and indulging the fact that he has a foot fetish.

We've spoken a bit in the past about why do guys like feet, and while we can't speak for the foot fetish of all guys, my boyfriend has decided that he has a foot fetish because of his high school teacher. He remembers she had very sexy feet and would kick her shoes off while sitting at the front of the classroom. He spent hours watching her tapping her sexy foot and dreaming about what it would be like to smell her foot.

Sometimes we act out the scene together, to indulge the fact he has a foot fetish. I sit in the corner of our bedroom, pretending to be his teacher, tapping my foot as she did, and watching his erection grow. I know how much he loves to rub my feet, so when I'm finished, I usually end up the bed, while he smells my feet, licks them, kisses them, and worships them like the goddess I am.

I'm so pleased that I found a boyfriend who has a foot fetish as I would have never realized just what a turn on it can be sharing something like a foot fetish, together in a relationship and our sex life.

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