Phosia Euphosia
by on June 25, 2020

Dominant sex involves one party taking the upper hand, that party naturally becomes dominant in the dynamic, the other party becomes the submissive. A natural submissive will automatically aim to please her dominant. Dominant sex often includes various forms of a power dynamic. The power exchange during dominant sex varies from a stern hand to complete domination and full power control. There are various methods of how to keep a male Dom interested. A submissive woman tends to become an expert in her own male Doms interests. She aims to serve and please, and in doing so, she gains her pleasure. The beauty of a true BDSM relationship and dominant sex relies on the fact that both parties are satisfied in their position. Submissive girls are often looking for someone to take the upper hand. Being a submissive girl means having a male dom in control gives a feeling of security and comfort. This is often combined with a strong sexual desire experienced by the submissive girl, to please her dominant, be this during general service, household duties, sexy dances or dominant sex its self. A submissive woman is usually a little more experienced, and she knows what she wants. While most submissive women can convey this desire to their dominant male counterpart, it can happen that the submissive woman, especially a strong-minded one, begins to top from the bottom. This is an expression commonly used in BDSM relationships, where the submissive woman or submissive girl has a strong mind and knows what she wants. Instead of serving through dominant sex, and her master's wishes, the submissive woman attempts to change the course of direction from her position of submission. A good male-dominant recognises this behaviour quickly. He is usually well-versed in the mind of a submissive. A true male dom is not only turned on by the submission given by his woman, but he is also interested in her submissive mind.


A submissive woman learns during her time in the relationship just how to keep a male dom interested. Every dominant man is different, and while some require complete devotion, dedication and obedience, other dominant men prefer a light approach and keep the BDSM dynamic limited to dominant sex. A submissive woman understands how to keep a male dom interested by showing her level of dedication. She will always aim to please her master and live up to his expectations. A truly dominant man will guide his submissive woman in the right direction. He knows how to operate the mind of his submissive, and how to nurture and grow both her fetish and his own. A dominant man can not exert his dominance without the compliance and respect of his submissive woman. It is therefore important that both the dominant man and the submissive woman both understand exactly where they stand in their BDSM relationship.


All parties need to be aware of what the other expects. This allows the submissive woman to keep her maledom interested while fulfilling her desires simultaneously. Once a submissive woman gives herself to a dominant man, the relationship has scope to become very intense. A dominant man knows how to test his submissive girl, giving her tasks to complete. At times a dominant man will issue rewards for good behaviour, showing his submissive his caring side. At other times a dominant man will issue punishments for tasks failed or an attitude which doesn't meet his criteria and expectations. A good submissive woman will accept her punishment graciously, she understands that her male-dominant knows her submissive mind more than anyone else. She understands that no one can exert that level of control over her, and demand such a level of respect from her so easily. A submissive woman who gives herself completely, finds she becomes the property of her master. She lives to serve and please, and in doing so her master will never lose interest in her devotion. He knows just how to deal with his submissive woman, just how to turn her on and keep her serving him and only him. A submissive girl will never look to another master for advice. She will keep herself focused on serving her master.

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