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by on June 25, 2020

Being a dom. The nature of being a dominant means that you have power over your submissive while managing to maintain a level of respect throughout the control. You will be able to exert your dominant nature, without ever making the submissive feel as if they need to question your decisions or actions. Likely, you have always been dominant. Many dominants believe that being a dom was within their very making. Other dominants believe that being a dominant is something learned, through experiences. They believe their desire to dominate is as a result of their experiences, often referring to those earlier in life. Of course, early sexual experiences determine for a lot of people what their sexual preferences and desires will be. For those who have experienced forms of domination, be that sexual or in life, entering into a dominant versus submissive relationship can be very fulfilling and exactly what they have craved. For many people, they do not realise for a long time that their sex life is missing something, least of all that the missing part consists of being a Dom.

Becoming a dominant can be a daunting process. For those with little experience, they may question their judgement. There are often many misconceptions when it comes to BDSM style relationships. For a new dominant this can be a scary time, taking control over someone else can be a scary process. If done correctly it can also be a rewarding and fulfilling process. The outcome if done properly will for certain make becoming a Dom worthwhile.

There are not clear dominants guide on how to be a good Dom, but with some guidance, research and self-awareness, there is no reason why any interested dominant person may not learn how to be a good dom.

Some people believe that how to be a good dom relies merely on pain infliction or abusive language. This couldn't be further from the truth. Any submissive will provide a testament to the fact that being a good dom involves far more than just a heavy hand. If I could write a dominants guide for the novice Dom, the opening chapter would revolve around respect. It is not accurate to assume that a dominant does not respect their submissive. While it is assumed that a submissive always shows respect to their dominant, it is often overlooked that the dominant shows the same level of respect back to their submissive. After all, without their submission, a dominant can not truly top. It is important to remember that these BDSM relationships require an even playing field, a manageable level of respect on both parties. If these simple methods are stuck to, the resulting relationship between a dom and their sub can be a fulfilling and amazing experience. The true nature of being a good dom requires gaining the level of trust from your submissive which will allow them to serve you without question. You will also understand their kinks and desires. Providing these to your submissive without prompt will help you create the perfect slave. In doing so you will learn more about yourself, including how to be the best dom you can. How to be a good dom will begin to come naturally to you, the longer you are in your master and slave relationship.

Any dominants guide will teach you how to take full control, but this is a process which can not be rushed. We all know that dominating a submissive is sexy, and it can get tempting to rush the process. To be a good Dom, you need to be patient. You need to take your time and learn. A good Dom and their submissive are aware that communication is key. You will reach a point where your submissive carries out your tasks without so much as thinking for themselves. When you have reached such a level in your BDSM relationship, you can rest assured that your Dominants guide has served you well, and you have found the secret to how to become a good dom. There is nothing more fulfilling than coming to this realisation through the eyes and submission of your slave. Following some simple steps, you can make it happen for you. Both you and your slave deserve this. So before you embark on a dominant guide, try to implement the aforementioned ideas. I am sure it will have your submissive eating out of the palm of your dominant hand.

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