Phosia Euphosia
by on June 14, 2020

It is a nice Saturday, as I slowly open my eyes and gently gaze upon her face. Almost like she sensed my waking up, her eyes suddenly open and I see two beady eyes with that mischievous twinkle stare back at me. She has a smile that stretches from one ear to the other and plants a kiss on my lips and whispers into my ears “For the whole day, today, I am your little slave girl, that is my birthday present to you” and then slowly but sensually she slides down the bed leaving a leash in my hand. As she moves I realize she is completely naked with just a collar attached the leash!!!

She kneels down by the bed with her head down, I gently pull the leash pulling her onto the bed towards me. I tell her to start at my neck and work her way down. She knows what I want, a full Body Worship. Slowly but sensually she starts kissing my neck, with a gentle caress of her tongue with each kiss. I like it when people take their time and enjoy the activity and she knows that. So she slowly works her way down, not just one kiss per area but multiple gentle kisses with the gentle caress of the tongue. After the neck she starts working down my left arm. She kisses the shoulder, she always smiles and looks up at me when she reaches my biceps, I think she likes them. After that she slowly kisses and licks down to my hand, where she sucks on each finger couple of times and looks up at me with that puppy face looking for permission to move to the right hand. I smile and motion her to move to the right hand side. She then starts at the fingers, and works her way up to the biceps, the shoulder, and now moves to the chest.

There she pauses and looks up at me with a slight moan, a little aroused now, I yank the leash hard, jerking her neck and head towards me, I kissed her on her lips and told her she could continue, she moves to the chest and slowly starts kissing on the right nipple and pecs, and then works her way to the center and then over to the other side. Then she worships a little further down and moves back from the left to the right. She keeps doing that until she reaches the belly button.

There are three parts of my body that require special and long attention. One such region is the belly button region. So she keeps gently kissing and licking that region and the surrounding area, her eyes either focused on the task at hand or occasionally looking up into my face wanting to see the pleasure she was bringing me. I yanked the leash once letting her know she could now move on from the belly button. She slowly and gently started kissing and licking my hips the leg region right outside the groin, the leg region inside the groin and then finally reached the cock, the second region.

That region of the body is so sensitive and erotic at many levels, that she knows she must spend considerable time there, I could fill this entire post with giving a good bj but I will leave that for another post. After slowly kissing and licking up and down the shaft followed with deep sucks in and out, I yank at the leash again, she starts to move to the inner thigh of the other leg, and slowly kissing and licking the legs and working her way pass my thighs where she always seems to like the thighs too. Then she slowly works her way down to my knees and starts kissing them and then when she gets under them, without warning I close my knees a little, she is suddenly taken back as she finds her head caught between my thighs and my legs. She stops kissing and her eyes pop up almost in panic until she realizes that I am merely exerting my control, demonstrating my power over her, and she returns to task. She then continues kissing the legs, and then the ankles and then finally makes it down to my feet, the third part of my body that I just love getting attention on.

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