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Phosia Euphosia

I like to get inside of a subs head and play around!

I do this by tying them over a sawhorse or spanking bench.

Using games like making them try to keep their hands open while I paddle their ass works great, mixing pain and pleasure is part of the mix too.

You mix a sensual tease or a tickle in and then crack them on the ass, it gets you a lot more mileage than simply whacking away.

the thing that will really drive them crazy with the open hands bit is after you have been doing it for a few minutes their hands get super sensitive and simply tracing your finger up their palm and lower arm can literally give them shivers all over.

Although you have to be careful because I have also had this cause someone to pee involuntarily.

Also faking them out is one of my favorite tricks, make them thing I am going to crack their ass really hard and they brace for impact and are met with a soft touch or a tickle.

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