Has there ever been a time where you've noticed something whether a mannerism, phrase, or any other telltale sign that indicated the other person might be a sadist or masochist (in the bedroom at least)? For an example, I'll share an experience of mine. My friends and I were comparing weird bruises we got during sex. My one obviously kinky friend lifts up her shirt to proudly reveal huge black bruises on her tits. If I didn't have her pegged as a masochist before then I sure did afterwards. It's a sight I won't forget.

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Phosia Euphosia

Well. Yes and perhaps no.

Being a sadist and quite liking to hurt people myself (consent based, of course) I have at a few occasions spotted that specific glint of anticipation in others before they hurt people. Without consent, mind you. Context of youth, bar fights, dark alleys and unsavory company. I used to be real stupid that way.

Very handy. Not very kinky.

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