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My entire life I considered myself very vanilla and subby when it came to the bedroom until my very first experience with the kink community.

I had just made some very big life changes at the time and was in need of cash. When I vented to my friend about it she simply stated, "sounds like you need a sugardaddy." Intrigued, I spent the rest of that night researching the topic and eventually I made an account on the wildly popular Seeking Arrangment.

It wasn't long before I realised sugaring was not for me. I absolutely hated it. The scummy, disrespectful men were unbearable. After 2 or 3 months I quit and never looked back.

Not long after, I was introduced to the world of findom. And what a wonderful world it is. I was purely doing sugar for the money. I discovered that I genuinely enjoy findom. I love the total control over my subs. The ownership and adoration are something I can't get enough of. I find myself wanting to see how far I can push everyone in my life and bend to my will. Sounds awful right? But it's something I get off on. Manipulation is truly my favorite part of the fetish.

My partner has a foot fetish and loves to be dominated which was something I wasn't comfortable doing until I tried findom. It's really has been a transforming experience and one for the better.

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